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10 Guest Reviews

Susanne Schipp

"The crew were funny, friendly and so welcoming! The lookout at Whitehaven Beach was incredible and I got to snorkel with a turtle!"


"Hill Inlet was fantastic, best pics of my trip! I really enjoyed the fun and knowledgeable crew, they made the trip. "


"LOVED the snorkelling and the beaches-The food was great and it was a very social trip!"

Alexander S

"Whitehaven Beach and dinner was awesome! "

Sofia Morales

"Whitehaven Bay was excellent-The crew were welcoming friendly and fun! "

Holly Recardo

"It's hard to name one part of the trip that was the best! The swirling sands were breathtaking, I got to complete my first ever dive and I was able to snorkel with a turtle! All Amazing memories I will cherish. The crew were great, highly recommend! "

Remke Pape

"The whole trip was amazing and it will definitely be a trip I remember when I come back home. All the snorkelling we did was probably the best part. The crew was joyful, concerned about your safety and knowledgable about the area. "

Sam Spalter

"The Scuba dive, Whitehaven Beach, all the food and the experience was great!"


"The best part of the trip was the beach and scuba diving. And the food was awesome!"


"The best part of the trip was meeting the crew and everyone on board. Snorkelling was amazing as they took you to different places. Whitehaven Beach was also incredible. I found the crew to be friendly, fun and helpful. The food was fab!"